Who I Am

As a candidate, I will never hide who or what I am. I am a progressive and a Democrat. I won most opinionated in high school if that tells you anything. So I have an ideology, values, and a consistent vision with how government should treat its citizens. My principles don’t change overnight when they become politically inconvenient. I understand running as a Democrat in Calvert County is the not the most politically savvy move, but the people of Calvert will never question what I believe in. I won’t call myself something that I’m not and I won’t switch party affiliation to get elected unlike some on the current Board of Commissioners.

But what I want to tell the people of Calvert is that these local issues aren’t partisan battles. This isn’t Nancy Pelosi vs. Mitch McConnell or Hillary vs. Trump. What the President tweets about everyday or the issue being debating on the Senate floor don’t really have a basis at this local of a level. The issues we face are Calvert County problems, with Calvert County solutions. The national party big wigs have never even heard of Calvert County much less been here. The question of “how do we make our community the best it can possibly be” is not partisan. Making Calvert County the best it can possibly be is not on any presidential candidate’s mind, but is on mine.


Am I young to be running for office? Of course! But the world belongs to the audacious. I will not sit on the sidelines when I know how to make my community stronger. The future is too important to wait my turn.

I may only be twenty years old by the time I take office, but you don’t have to be thirty years old to have ideas on how to improve your community or understand a budget. You don’t have to be forty to listen to and care for your neighbors and you sure don’t have to be 50 to hold public office. Democracy is for everybody, people of all races, religions, and ages. It’s not a spectator sport. Everybody has a part to play. Running for commissioner to improve the lives of my neighbors is my part. Our system of governance actually requires our elected officials to represent a wide range of diverse interests and conflicting opinions. Let’s just say our current Board is not so diverse.

Also, we have a problem in this country with youth participation. Our turnout rate as a whole is atrocious and it’s even more evident among young adults. I want to help inspire a new generation to get involved, to get active, to at least vote. There is so much good to be done through public service. Politics do matter. That’s what I want to show people my age and disillusioned voters everywhere.